We offer most of our products at wholesale prices.

Any order which is 250kg or over, will be delivered on a pallet. For all pallet deliveries we will assume you have means to remove the goods upon delivery. If you do not have a forklift or pallet truck, then please contact us and we will ensure the delivery vehicle has a tail lift upon delivery.

A pallet delivery will consist of 25kg bags stacked on a 100cm x 100cm wooden pallet. (e.g. 1000kg will consist of 40 x 25kg bags stacked on 1 pallet). Each pallet will contain a maximum of 1225kg of each product (49 x 25kg bags); which means that if 500kg of 1 product is ordered with 500kg of another product, the delivery will be on 1 pallet with all bags stacked on top of each other. Delivery prices are based on weight and the nubmer of pallets.

Pallet deliveries usually take 5 working days from date of ordering, if the product is in stock.

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