Casting Plaster

We sell three types of plaster (also known as Plaster of Paris); Fine Casting Plaster, Fine Casting Plus Plaster and Herculite 2 Hard Casting Plaster.  Fine Casting Plaster and Fine Casting Plus Plaster are general use plasters with Fine Casting Plus Plaster having a better working consistency than normal Fine Casting Plaster. These plasters can be used for many applications, are easy to mix up and simple to use.

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Fine Casting Plaster

Fine Casting Plaster£4.51  -  £10.69

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General Use Casting Plaster.

Fine Casting Plaster Plus

Fine Casting Plaster Plus£4.51  -  £10.69

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General Use Casting Plaster (with better working consistency).

Herculite 2kg Hard Casting Plaster

Herculite 2kg Hard Casting Plaster£4.70  -  £13.73

Harder Casting Plaster (with a more durable finish).

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