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Magnesium Oxide

MAGNESIUM OXIDE – 98.3% Pure Animal Feed Grade

Magnesium Oxide is a solid white mineral found in contact metamorphic rocks but is usually produced industrially by heat treating Magnesium Carbonate or Magnesium Chloride in the presence of air. Magnesium Oxide has many uses but is probably best know for it's use as a horse calmer. This is Animal Feed Grade Magnesium Oxide; it has been specifically manufactured for the purpose of supplementing your animals diet.

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100g - Magnesium Oxide Heavy

100g - Magnesium Oxide Heavy£2.36

Fine Powder - Animal Feed Grade

250g - Magnesium Oxide Heavy

250g - Magnesium Oxide Heavy£3.04

Fine Powder - Animal Feed Grade

500g - Magnesium Oxide Heavy

500g - Magnesium Oxide Heavy£3.76

Fine Powder - Animal Feed Grade

1kg - Magnesium Oxide Heavy

1kg - Magnesium Oxide Heavy£4.44

Fine Powder - Animal Feed Grade

2kg - Magnesium Oxide Heavy

2kg - Magnesium Oxide Heavy£7.68

Fine Powder - Animal Feed Grade

4kg - Magnesium Oxide Heavy

4kg - Magnesium Oxide Heavy£13.50

Fine Powder - Animal Feed Grade

25kg - Magnesium Oxide Heavy

25kg - Magnesium Oxide Heavy£65.00

Fine Powder - Animal Feed Grade


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items
How I do use Magnesium Oxide?
To Feed (horse): Allow 2g of Magnesium Oxide per 100kg of weight. That means for a 500kg horse, 10g of Magnesium Oxide is required. Mix the powder in with your normal feed.
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