Credit / Debit Card Payments
We use PayPal for all of our credit / debit card payments. The card detail capture process is made using a secure in screen form which is shown on our final checkout page which is arranged and processed by PayPal, we do not store or hold any customer payment information on file.
PayPal Payments
We offer PayPal as a payment option and requires that you leave our website during the checkout process to login to PayPal and make your payment. PayPal also offer card payments to non-paypal members, allowing non-members to process card payments via PayPal. This option can be used by selected the "Pay By Card" option on the PayPal login screen.
Cheque Payments
If you do not want to use any of our on-line payment options, you can also pay by cheque; to do this follow the checkout process and select Cheque as the payment option and you will then be given the relevant details to make the cheque payable to and where to send it.
Klarna Payments
We accept payment using Klarna, this allows you to buy now and pay 30 days later or buy now and pay in 3 smaller installments. There is no additional charge for this service and is intrest free. Please note payments made this way are arranged and controlled by Klarna, not ourselves.


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