Glycerine (Vegetable) - Pharmaceutical Grade EP/USP

Our Vegetable Glycerine is a pure clear liquid derived from sustainable Rapeseed. It's Pharmaceutical Grade suitable for use in food, cosmetics or as E-cigarette liquid.

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Page 1 of 1:    3 Items
What is Vegetable Glycerine?

Vegetable Glycerine is a type of sugar alcohol produced from the oil of Rapeseed. Crude Vegetable Glycerine is produced in large quantities then refined and purified by a multi-step distillation process. It's a clear thick viscous non-hazardous liquid which has many uses in the pharmaceutical and retail industry.

What Can I Use Vegetable Glycerine for?

Pharmaceutical and Medical.
Vegetable Glycerine is one of the main components of E-cigarette liquids. It can be used on its own (with flavouring) or combined with Propylene glycol (PG). It's also used in skin care products, cough syrups, elixirs, toothpaste, mouthwashes, shaving cream and hair care products throughout the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Food and Drinks
Glycerine is used in Food and Drinks as a solvent, sweetener and preservative. It's used as a thickener for liqueurs and a filling agent for low-fat foods in the food industry.

Skin Care
Glycerine can be an effective treatment for cuts, bedsores, burns, psoriasis, bites, rashes and calluses. It's also a good skin cleanser, skin toner and a wonderful skin moisturiser.

Glycerine acts as an anti-freeze for water. If you add enough glycerine to make a solution with 60% glycerine to water, this solution will resist solidifying down to about -36 centigrade.

Botanical extracts
Glycerine is used as a substitute for ethanol as a solvent when preparing herbal extractions; its less harmful than ethanol and has less side effects.

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