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Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum - Food Grade Fine Powder

Our Xanthan Gum is formed by corn fermentation and then purified to produce a pure fine powder. Its food grade and suitable for making cakes, sauces and as a thickening agent.

What is Xanthan Gum?

Xanthan Gum is a type of sugar (a Polysaccharide) produced by the fermentation of corn using a growing medium to yield the gum which is then purified, dried and ground to a fine powder. It has some unusual properties which make is ideal for some food applications. When the powder is added to liquid to form a gum solution it displays pseudoplasticity (shear thinning) properites; this means the viscosity of the solution is reduced when shear forces are applied (i.e. stirring, mixing or shaking), the viscosity increases again once the shear forces are removed. For example, Xanthan Gum is used in salad dressings to increase the viscosity when the bottle is stationary (preventing the herbs, oil and water from mixing) then when the bottle is shook or mixed the viscosity is reduced making it easy to pour on to your salad.

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50g Xanthan Gum

50g Xanthan Gum£2.56

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Pure Food Grade Fine Powder

100g Xanthan Gum

100g Xanthan Gum£3.53

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Pure Food Grade Fine Powder

200g Xanthan Gum

200g Xanthan Gum£5.00

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Pure Food Grade Fine Powder

500g Xanthan Gum

500g Xanthan Gum£9.70

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Pure Food Grade Fine Powder

1kg Xanthan Gum

1kg Xanthan Gum£15.92

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Pure Food Grade Fine Powder

2kg Xanthan Gum

2kg Xanthan Gum£24.39

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Pure Food Grade Fine Powder

25kg Xanthan Gum

25kg Xanthan Gum£319.00

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Pure Food Grade Fine Powder


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How Can I Use Xanthan Gum?

Xanthan Gum can be used for cake making, producing gluten free food, bread making, ice-cream making and a gluten free thickener.

Oil Industry
Xanthan gum is used in the Oil Industry where its used in large quantities, usually to thicken drilling mud. These fluids serve to carry the solids cut by the drilling bit back to the surface.

Xanthan gum is used in cosmetics to prepare water gels, usually in conjunction with bentonite clays. It is also used in oil-in-water emulsions to help stabilise the oil droplets against coalescence. It has some skin hydrating properties.

Xanthan Gum Data

Typical Analysis:

Appearance - White-like or light yellow free flowing powder
Viscosity (cps) - 1% gum in 1% KCl (60rpm) 1200-1700cps

Ash - ≤16%
pH - Value (1% solution) 6.0-8.0
Loss of drying - ≤15%
Particle Size - 80mesh (180 μm) Not less than 95% through
Ethanol & Propane - ≤500ppm
Total Nitrogen - ≤1.5%
Pyruvic Acid - ≥1.5%

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