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2kg - Fine Casting Plaster

2kg - Fine Casting Plaster
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Our Price:  £7.50(Inc. 20% VAT)


1,000 units  

1,000 units

This is the Superior Grade - Fine Casting Plaster Plus, Not the standard casting plaster.

We sell Fine Casting Plus Plaster, a general use plaster with a better working consistency than normal Fine Casting Plaster. This plaster can be used for many applications, is easy to mix up and simple to use. The particle size makes the setting time quick and regular with a low expansion %.
     How to Mix it.     

(1) First work out how much plaster you need and use this amount to determine how much water you will need to mix it with. The mix ratio for Fine Casting Plaster Plus is 100/70, which means 100g plaster to 70ml water (for example if you need 500g of plaster you will need 350ml of water). (2) Add the plaster to the water in small amounts, mixing well after each addition. Do this until all the plaster has been added to the water. Do not add water to plaster, this will just make a lumpy mess. (3) Mix thoroughly until you have a creamy like consistency. If the mix is too watery the plaster will become soft and crumbly; if it's too thick, air might be trapped during the setting process and will weaken the plaster.

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