2kg - Boric Acid Powder

2kg - Boric Acid Powder
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Model:  BA2000
Bar Code:  5060734913330
Purity:  99.9%
Quality:  Technical Grade


9,975 units  

9,975 units

Boric Acid can only be sold to Business, Trade or Professional customers. Please only add to your basket if you can demonstrate you are using this in a business or professional capacity. Each order is checked and could be cancelled if we suspect it to be for personal use.


 Boric Acid Powder

(Orthoboric Acid - 99.9% Pure Technical Grade - for Professional use)

Boric Acid has many uses some of which are listed below:

Boric acid is an effective insecticide, by acting as a stomach poison in insects (ants, fleas, termites, silverfish & cockroaches). To prepare poison add 1 teaspoon of Boric Acid and 10-12 teaspoons of sugar to 50ml water. Mix into a syrup and leave syrup near infestation.

 Boric Acid can also be sprinkled directly onto a carpet or near the infestation of ants, fleas, termites, silverfish or cockroaches as the Boric Acid is abrasive to an insect's exoskeleton. To apply the powder, crush any powder that might have clumped up and using a sieve (or something similar) sprinkle the powder onto carpets, fabrics and upholstery (If you use a sieve, please do not use it in the kitchen after, as Boric Acid can be harmful when ingested). Leave the powder down for 1-2 days, this will kill all eggs and larvae, then hover all the powder up making sure none is left. Never apply Boric acid to worktops or surfaces used to prepare food.

 Boric acid is also used to make lubricants which is produced by making a colloidal solution from Boric Acid and an oil. Boric acid is also used in the manufacture of textile fiberglass, ramming mass, silly putty, fireworks, and many more, to many to list here.

 Regulation Information (Regulation No 1907/2006):

   R60 [May impair fertility] , R61 [May cause harm to an unborn child] 

 Boric Acid Safety Information - Download MSDS Here



(Boric Acid Molecule) 

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