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1kg - Calcium Chloride

1kg - Calcium Chloride
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Our Price:  £4.68(Inc. 20% VAT)

Purity:  100%
Quality:  Food / Pharmaceutical Grade


996 units  

996 units

Product Safety
Risk Phrases: R36 - Causes Serious Eye Irritation.
Safety Phrases: S2 - Keep out of reach of children. S22 - Do not breathe dust. S24 - Aviod contact with skin.

Calcium Chloride - Very Pure Food Grade 77% Dihydrate Flake

What is Calcium Chloride?
Calcium Chloride is the salt formed when Calcium and 2 Chlorine molecules combine.

Calcium Chloride Properties
Calcium Chloride exists as a white solid at room temperature. Its melts at 176oC and boils at 1935oC (anhydrous). Anhydrous Calcium Chloride is hygroscopic by nature which means it attracts moisture from the air to form a hydrated compound. Dihydrate Calcium Chloride is 77% Calcium Chloride so is still hygroscopic by nature, however to a lesser extent than anhydrous Calcium Chloride. It dissolves in water well; this process is exothermic and produces heat. When molten, it conducts electrcity and when solid does not conduct heat well. The molecular formula for Calcium Chloride Dihydrate is CaCl2.H2O.

Applications for Calcium Chloride
Dessicant - Calcium Chloride is used in drying tubes to remove moisture from the surrounding air. The solid can be added to a solution to extract the water within it.
Marine Aquariums - Calcium Chloride is used to provide a vital source of calcium in marine aqauriums. The solid is added and dissolves, increasing the natural calcium levels in the water, essential for mollusks and cnidarians.
De-icing - Calcium Chloride is often used to lower the frezzing point of water and prevent icy road conditions. It is more effective at lowering the frezzing temperature of water than sodium chloride.
Water Treatment - Calcium Chloride is used to increase the hardness of the water in swimming pools which helps to reduce the ware to the concrete walls.
Concrete - Calcium Chloride can be added to a concrete mix to speed up the setting time.
Brewing Beer - Calcium Chloride is sometimes added to the brewing water to increase hardness and correct mineral deficiencies.

What are you getting
You will receive Calcium Chloride Dihydrate in solid white flake form (77% Calcium Chloride) packaged in a heavy duty reseal-able poly bag. Please see the picture above.

Orders / Customer Service
If you have any queries about delivery, payment, returns before or after you have placed an order, please use the links at the top to view the relevant page for information. If you would like to contact us, please Email us and we will respond as soon as someone becomes available.

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