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Friday, 06/05/2016


Magnesium Chloride

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100g Agar Powder

100g Agar Powder£5.44Add to Basket

100g - Natural Seaweed Gelatine

2kg - Fine Casting Plaster

2kg - Fine Casting Plaster£7.50Add to Basket

Superior Casting Plus Plaster

100g - Calcium Bentonite

100g - Calcium Bentonite£2.36Add to Basket

Also Known as Fullers Earth Fine Powder

4kg Potassium Bicarbonate

4kg Potassium Bicarbonate£11.50Add to Basket

Food Grade Powder

Fine Casting Plaster

Fine Casting Plaster£3.02  -  £7.96Add to Basket

General Use Casting Plaster.

4kg - Epsom Salt

4kg - Epsom Salt£9.68Add to Basket

Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate

2kg - Sodium Carbonate Light

2kg - Sodium Carbonate Light£6.60Add to Basket

Fine Powder Sodium Carbonate

100g - Sodium Bicarbonate

100g - Sodium Bicarbonate£1.99Add to Basket

Pure & Natural Baking Soda

1kg - Citric Acid Crystals

1kg - Citric Acid Crystals£4.44Add to Basket

Pure Pharmaceutical / Food Grade
100g - Boric Acid Powder

100g - Boric Acid Powder

100g - Boric Acid Powder

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