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Tuesday, 24/10/2017

Activated Carbon Filter

Thursday, 20/07/2017

Diatomaceous Earth

Welcome to Intra Laboratories
We stock a range of Food Additives, Cosmetic Ingredients, Salt, Clay, Minerals and Chemicals. Each product is packaged on site in our specialised sterile packing area. We also hold a large quantity of main stock products in our warehouse all of which are available for wholesale purchase.
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Featured Products
100g - Iron Sulphate

100g - Iron Sulphate£1.75

Add to Basket99% Iron (II) Sulphate Heptahydrate
Fine Casting Plaster Plus

Fine Casting Plaster Plus£3.04  -  £8.20

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General Use Casting Plaster (with better working consistency).

25kg - Citric Acid Crystals

25kg - Citric Acid Crystals£53.60

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Pure Pharmaceutical / Food Grade

1kg - Activated Carbon

1kg - Activated Carbon£5.68

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Activated Carbon Filter Media

1kg - Sodium Carbonate Light

1kg - Sodium Carbonate Light£4.08

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Fine Powder Sodium Carbonate

1kg Agar Powder

1kg Agar Powder£33.04

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1kg - Natural Seaweed Gelatine

1kg - Fine Casting Plaster

1kg - Fine Casting Plaster£4.67

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Superior Casting Plus Plaster

25kg Potassium Bicarbonate

25kg Potassium Bicarbonate£63.89

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Food Grade Powder

2kg Potassium Bicarbonate

2kg Potassium Bicarbonate£7.01

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Food Grade Powder

500g - Sodium Carbonate Light

500g - Sodium Carbonate Light£3.95

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Fine Powder Sodium Carbonate

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