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250g - Sodium Thiosulphate

250g - Sodium Thiosulphate
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Purity:  99%
Quality:  Photographic Grade


993 units  

993 units


Sodium Thiosulphate

(Sodium Thiosulfate/Sodium Hyposulfite) 

Sodium Thiosulphate can be used in a few different way, some of which are litsed below: 

It can be used as a dechlorination agent for swimming pools and aquariums. Sodium Thiosulphate reacts with the chlorine in chlorinated water/tap water neutralising it, making the water safe. Standard tap water usually has a chlorine content of around 3-4 ppm chlorine, this level can be toxic to pond or aquarium fish, so treatment of tap water is always essentail before replacing pond or aquarium water. For dechlorination of 10 litres of standard tap water at 4ppm chlorine content, between 0.1g and 0.2g of Sodium Thiosulphate is required. If you want to dechlorinate different amounts with different chlorine contents, please use the Sodium Thiosulphate calculator (external link)

Sodium Thiosulphate is also used by photographers as a photographic fixer. It has a high affinity to soft metals and a solution can be used to dissolve photographic emulsions. 

It has also been used as a treatment for cyanide posioning, during the tanning process of leather, as a supercooled solution experiment (similar to sodium acetate) and was also used for gold extraction.

Sodium Thiosulphate has low toxicity, however please read the safety phrases below.

S Phrases         S26, S36 



(Sodium Thiosulphate Structure) 



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