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White Rock Salt

Premium Quality White De-icing Rock Salt

White Rock Salt for de-icing and melting ice. This salt can be used as a preventative measure to stop ice forming or it can be used to melt ice or snow after formation.
Quickly Melts Ice & Snow
Clears Drive Ways, Road, Steps & Paths

How to Use
(1) To prevent ice and stop compacted snow becoming ice, spread or sprinkle the salt evenly over the surface you want to treat before ice has formed. This help prevent ice from forming and so increasing grip for tyres and shoes. (2) To De-ice already formed ice, spread or sprinkle the salt evenly over the surface to be treated and leave until the ice / snow begins to melt.

What are you getting
You will receive White Rock Salt packaged in a heavy duty reseal-able poly bag ready to use. Please see the listing picture above.

Orders / Customer Service
If you have any queries about delivery, payment, returns or our contact details, before or after you have placed an order, please use the links at the top of this page to view the relevant page.  
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